3 Tips for Returning to Site

Keys to a safe transition

3 Tips for Returning to Site
15 April 2020 Posted in

As New Zealand eases from Level 4 to Level 3 restrictions, everyone will be very conscious of the need to keep their teams and the wider community safe and healthy.
Protection measures as required by the government will become part of your site health and safety operations.
There are three keys to a safe transition.


All entities on site will need a solid plan, addressing factors such as

  • What safety and sanitisation protocols will be relevant, and how these will be controlled.
  • How the new arrangements will be communicated to the team, including reinduction or toolbox talks as required.
  • What systems, equipment or signage may be needed.

Can the team’s existing health and safety requirements and registers be extended to include the new sanitisation regime, or will a parallel system be required?


Communication is key to any successful team operation.

  • All team members need to know what the new requirements will be. This may be via reinductions, or toolbox talks. Manage this systematically, and keep a record or register to ensure no-one slips through the cracks.
  • The general public, or occasional site visitors, will need to be informed of their responsibilities. This may mean posting signage at entrance points, along with the necessary sanitisation provisions.

    As with your routine workplace health and safety arrangements, the initial set up is only the beginning. Include sanitisation and distancing monitoring along with your regular safety inspections, and have provision for reporting and taking action on any breaches, risks or threats.
    For your next steps, we recommend the information provided by WorkSafe, SiteSafe, and Building Performance.


    Markham can help with your site sanitisation requirements. We’re currently offering two practical and effective tools:

    • CONQOR S22 Sanitiser – including our supply and apply service! This spray-applied treatment is ideal for large areas such as warehouses, factories and car park zones.
    • TOBI ANNE HAND SAN – a versatile and effective hand sanitiser, sold in economical bulk packs for use on your worksites and reception zones.


    Don’t get held up by moisture issues under floor coverings and other areas. Talk to us about AQURON 2000 for slab moisture control.
    And don’t forget AQURON treatments for curing. No water curing delays! No time spent removing curing compounds!


    So – we’re keen to know how we can help you get back on site! Get in touch with your return-to-site challenges. If we can’t assist directly, we may have someone in our network that we can recommend.

    Download free information on CONQOR S22 Sanitiser


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