5 Reasons Why …

... you should choose concrete hydrogels for construction

5 Reasons Why …
31 October 2018 Posted in ,

So you’ve heard about concrete hydrogel treatments? Maybe you’re interested in what they can do for concrete permeability or remediation. But you haven’t seen any good reasons to use hydrogels in construction.
Maybe you think they’re an added cost?
Maybe you think they don’t have any benefit for the construction team?
Read on!

Here are 5 reasons to use concrete hydrogels in construction!

REASON 1 – Replace Multiple Products

Example: AQURON 1000. This basic hydrogel treatment is a deep penetrating sealer, an anti-dusting hardener, and can replace the curing compound or water curing process! Think of the benefit for cost control on car park floor slabs – you are replacing three products with one!
In the same way, AQURON 2000 can act as moisture control or waterproofing concrete treatment – and also provides excellent quality curing.

REASON 2 – Time Saving

AQURON spray-applied treatments are trafficable 1 hour after application.
Using AQURON as a sealer? How long before you can move about on acrylic sealers?
Using AQURON for curing instead of water curing? Definitely saving time!

REASON 3 – High Quality Curing

We’ve already mentioned curing.
AQURON spray-applied treatments can be applied at time of pour, and are equal to or better than 7 days’ water curing.
You can read more about that here.

Concrete diagram showing elements aggregate porosity reinforcement steel

REASON 4 – Safety

AQURON treatments are NIL VOC.
There are no fumes nor toxins. The products are water based.
This makes them user friendly, and inoffensive to other workers in the area.
They’re also ideal for sensitive environments.

REASON 5 – Supply and Application Service

Markham offers a supply-and-apply service for its AQURON range. We are experienced in working with tight construction schedules and the coming and going of project management, and we set ourselves to provide you with a hassle-free experience. One less thing for the project team to worry about!

It all makes sense? Get in touch to discuss your next project!

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