Advances – Multi-Benefit Admixture

Advanced admixture for concrete protection

Advances – Multi-Benefit Admixture

Moisture causes problems in concrete. You probably already knew that. Moisture provides a transport system for corrosives and contaminants to penetrate the porosity of the concrete.
These corrosives can reach the reinforcing steel and cause rusting. This leads to unsightly staining, cracking, pop-outs and in the long term, a hazardous structure needing costly repairs.
Moisture-borne contaminants can also react with the concrete itself, causing degenerative conditions such as ASR/AAR or DEF.

You can protect concrete from moisture-borne hazards, from day 1.

AQURON 300 is an advanced and cost-effective concrete admixture, which provides integral waterproofing and corrosion protection to concrete structures. AQURON 300 forms a hydrogel within the pore structure of the concrete, minimising moisture loss during the curing stage, and preventing ingress and migration of moisture and debilitating substances throughout the life of the concrete.

Four-way protection from day 1

  • 1. Waterproofing
  • 2. Heat of Hydration Control
  • 3. Shrinkage Reduction
  • 4. Self Healing

(More details on each of these benefits can be found here)

And there’s more …

AQURON 300 is a truly remarkable admixture.

  • At the time of pour, AQURON 300 provides enhanced workability for a better placement experience and is very useful for awkward placements and small cavities where higher slump is required with minimal strength losses.
  • Improves density and increase compressive, flexural and tensile strengths.
  • 100% environmentally friendly and nil VOC.
  • Ideal for concrete in corrosive environments and for vital elements in a structure which cannot afford deterioration in the long term; for example bridges, wharves, precast panels, swimming pools, tanks and below ground members which could be exposed to corrosive substances.


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