AQURON 300 Admix for Shotcrete

What are the benefits of AQURON 300 for shotcreters?

AQURON 300 Admix for Shotcrete
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You may have met AQURON 300 as a concrete waterproofing and durability admixture. And it is, of course. AQURON 300 is an advanced hydrogel technology admixture, which offers 4 protection benefits, from day 1. We’ll list those benefits later, but they’re not all that this amazing admixture has to offer.
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Waterproofing Admixtures for Shotcrete

‘Shotcrete’, sometimes called ‘sprayed concrete’, is simply a concrete mix applied pneumatically, as a construction technique. The process has been around since 1914.

Like all construction processes, ‘shotcreting’ has undergone considerable adjustment and refinement over the years.
The process is often used where irregular shapes are being created, or irregular gaps need to be filled. Some examples include water features, landscape walls, and basement retaining walls between piers.
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In many of these irregular scenarios, a waterproofing admixture is included, as waterproofing membranes may be challenging or expensive to install.
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Now here’s the catch: the most commonly used waterproofing admixture is ‘crystalline’ in composition, which makes the concrete less workable. What’s the result? A second admixture needs to be included to restore the workability of the mix. You can see where this is headed – instead of one admixture, the crystalline method needs two, reducing any cost benefits against the membrane method.
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…and then there is AQURON 300 hydrogel

AQURON 300 hydrogel concrete waterproofing admixture not only waterproofs the concrete, it actually improves the workability of the mix.

And yes, it is very cost-effective – both as compared to crystalline technology and as compared to membranes.
This makes AQURON 300 the ideal choice for inclusion in shotcrete mix designs, for waterproofing and workability.
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Check out this recent project, where we have helped the team on site reduce their troweling time to 1/3 of what it was previously… and they’ve found the mix super easy to work with!


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About those other 4 benefits:

Let’s not forget the basics!



Obviously these benefits can apply to regular floor slabs, precast infrastructure elements, tilt panels and more – not only shotcrete!
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You can read more about this amazing product here.
Or get in touch with our amazing team! We’d love to help you with your next construction project.


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