Concrete car park floors! Don’t you feel sorry for them?

Think of the demands put on them every day!

Concrete car park floors! Don’t you feel sorry for them?
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Exposed concrete floor slabs in car parks are at threat from …

  • Grinding wear from vehicle traffic
  • Moisture-borne contamination
  • Detrimental grease and chemicals

… all of these will have a negative impact on the long-term quality, appearance and durability of the floors.
It is crucial that concrete of the car park floors is enhanced to meet the demanding conditions they will be exposed to.
Markham – Adding life to concrete
Ideally, the concrete should be treated at construction phase, so that curing is optimized and the concrete is sealed and hardened to a significant depth. This will give the concrete the long-term resilience it needs.

Effective protection!

Markham offers advanced penetrating hydrogel treatments that provide long-term protection for concrete floors. Hydrogel treatment can be spray applied or included as an admixture. Hydrogel treatments work within the porosity of the concrete, and never need reapplication.
Other benefits include

  • Internal seal – seal the concrete from within for non-abrading long-life protection
  • Anti-dusting – both during construction and for the long term
  • Penetrating hardener – to a depth of 150mm – no delaminating in later life
  • Waterproofing / moisture barrier options for exposed upper deck slabs

The catalytic hydrogel significantly improves the curing process; and seals and hardens the concrete from within.
It offers anti-dusting, and is compatible with line-marking and other surface coatings.
Markham – Adding life to concrete
Being applied at time of pour, and not requiring grinding off at the close of the project, Markham’s hydrogel treatment can greatly assist in scheduling trades, and save you time and money.
Markham – Adding life to concrete
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Markham – Adding life to concrete

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Markham – Adding life to concrete
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Markham – Adding life to concrete


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