Construction Schedules?

Making up for lost time!

Construction Schedules?
06 May 2020 Posted in ,

You’ve noticed? Construction schedules aren’t slacking off. And in the wake of New Zealand’s recent downtime, we’re all running faster than ever to make up time.
Markham saving the world one concrete structure at a time!
Markham can help in several ways.

Multi-benefit Products

Aquron 1000 and Aquron 2000 concrete floor sealers can replace multiple products.

  • AQURON 1000 3-in-1: cure, seal and anti-dust hardening!
  • AQURON 2000 4-in-1: cure, seal, anti-dust hardening PLUS moisture control / waterproofing!

Critically, they can replace the curing compound or water curing process. No laborious application (and later removal) of curing compound. No labour-intensive water curing and the associated 7-day or 14-day delay.
Markham saving the world one concrete structure at a time!
Further, by applying at curing time, there’s no further application downtime at the end of the project. Deep penetrating sealer and anti-dust hardener, permanently.

And there’s more – with Aquron 2000 concrete moisture control

You definitely don’t want delays or flooring replacement due to moisture issues under vinyl or carpet. Aquron 2000 immobilises moisture within the concrete, completely removing the risk of moisture-driven failure.
Markham saving the world one concrete structure at a time!
For maximum time-saving, apply at time of pour, and there’s no need to think about the issue again!

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Supply and Apply

Did you know Markham applies what it supplies? There are two benefits for you – this underpins our warranty; and it saves project-managing yet another contractor onto site.
Markham saving the world one concrete structure at a time!
We mean business here. Get in touch and let’s talk about ways to streamline your construction schedules – and not just for ‘return to site’ phase! Contact us today.

Aquron curing is equal or superior to water curing


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