What is Eco Choice Aotearoa (ECNZ) and its ecolabel program?

Helping you achieve green targets in construction

Seven core MARKHAM products are licensed to use the Eco Choice Aotearoa (formerly ECNZ) ecolabel – but what does this mean?

Environmental Choice is the official environmental label of New Zealand. Although initiated and endorsed by the New Zealand Government, Environmental Choice is firmly independent, recognising the increasing effort of manufacturers to reduce the environmental impact of their products and enabling consumers to reliably select products from companies who value reducing harm to the environment as much as they do.

At the foundation of Environmental Choice are the technical specifications it develops, setting the most stringent, up to date standards for environmental compliance in business. New Zealand companies who can meet or exceed these specifications are permitted to display the ECNZ mark, widely recognised by New Zealanders as a badge of environmental leadership.

Environmental Choice operates to internationally recognised standards and principles, and is a member of GEN, the Global Ecolabelling Network, which links a world of environmentally preferable products and services.
” – Environmental Choice NZ

Importantly, the Eco Choice / ECNZ ecolabel is globally recognized. This includes recognition by GBCA and NZGBC, for ‘green star’ building projects.

ECNZ has re-branded to Eco Choice Aotearoa in early 2023.

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