Durability from Within

Let’s turn the concrete durability discussion inside out.

Durability from Within

We’ve talked about improving curing quality with spray-applied treatments. Let’s drive this discussion deeper, and talk about improving concrete hydration by hydrogel admixture.
Markham saving the world one concrete structure at a time
AQURON 300 concrete admixture is usually associated with waterproofing, and rightly so. But it has another key benefit which is closely related to curing quality.

Shrinkage Reduction

During the batching, placement and curing stages, AQURON 300 thoroughly saturates every cement particle and retains the vital moisture for hydration, in the form of a hydrogel. This promotes a uniform and controlled hydration which is proven to reduce shrinkage and cracking by up to 42% when compared to standard concrete.
It’s the same principle as when hydrogel treatment is spray applied, but working from the inside.

Hydrogel Treatments – Multiple Benefits

So let’s not forget that AQURON 300 will waterproof that same concrete. You have shrinkage reduction and integral waterproofing.

And… the placement team will find the mix easier to handle and place, which helps particularly in awkward locations and cavities.
And… the asset owner will benefit from the long-term durability of the resulting concrete. AQURON 300 renders the concrete self-healing, for static cracks up to 0.5mm, for the lifetime of the concrete.
And… long-term durability also results from the moisture content being immobilised, preventing contaminants reaching the reinforcing steel.
Markham saving the world one concrete structure at a time
But I’m sure you get the message. Long and short is, concrete structures really need hydrogel treatments, even if they don’t realise it, and dosing the mix with AQURON 300 admixture will have more benefits than you can poke a screed at.
Markham saving the world one concrete structure at a time
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Markham saving the world one concrete structure at a time


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