Introducing Markham BIM files

Now available for download in both Revit and ArchiCAD

Introducing Markham BIM files
17 September 2019 Posted in , ,

Are you keeping up with changes in the construction industry?

The construction industry is changing at a rapid pace, and increasingly buildings are being designed and specified using the BIM (Building Information Modelling) format.


As a way to add value to our customers, we are proud to announce that we have created a range of BIM files for our concrete waterproofing and durability treatments.


Both Revit and ArchiCAD versions are available now.


Why use BIM files?

It also means as an architect, once you specify and insert the BIM file into your model, that information is safely stored away and will always get picked up by the contractor when the project goes out for pricing.


In reality having all that information available not just for the design and construction of the project, but also long after the project is finished is a huge benefit for the client as all of the product information right there stored away within that model.


How to get your BIM files?

We have created BIM files for most of our AQURON colloidal silica hydrogel concrete durability and waterproofing treatments.


Simply visit our product pages and look for the download option under the specifications section to download your copy.


Grab your own copy

Download the AQURON 2000 BIM file sample here: AQURON 2000 Spray on 4-n-1 concrete protection


If you would like a copy of all of our BIM files for your practice – please contact us.




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