Long Live Concrete!

Concrete durability is THE hot topic in civil infrastructure

Long Live Concrete!

There’s no need for us to tell you about the issues surrounding civil infrastructure. Funding for initial construction and ongoing maintenance are ongoing challenges, often driven by circumstances unrelated to the structure itself.

You need cost-effective construction, long service life, and low maintenance cost!


For concrete, durability is traditionally connected with concrete strength and protection of the steel.

We’d like to point to the role played by moisture.

Moisture moving into and inside the porosity of the concrete, and the contaminants it carries, contribute to the concrete’s deterioration over time. Many of the methods used to increase strength will increase the impermeability of the concrete, thereby limiting moisture ingress – but not completely.


Once the moisture is inside the concrete, it can carry contaminants to the reinforcing zone, setting the scene for corrosion and deterioration.

Precast concrete elements

Is there a way to immobilise the moisture?

Yes, moisture within the porosity of the concrete can be immobilised. Service life can be enhanced. Durability can be increased.
AQURON 300 admixture is the solution.

Ideal for precast / pre-stressed structural elements, Aquron 300 hydrogel admixture has many benefits.

  • Control heat of hydration
  • Shrinkage reduction
  • Waterproofing
  • Long-term durability

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Precast concrete elements
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