Maintaining concrete infrastructure?

Is it possible to reduce the cost?

Maintaining concrete infrastructure?
07 March 2016 Posted in

Significant Maintenance Costs

Considering civil infrastructure, the cost of maintaining the structure is a significant factor. The same entity (local council or government department) will usually retain ownership and responsibility of the maintenance over many years. While the cost of construction may be considerable for larger structures, long-term durability should carry more weight than short-term cost in the decision-making process.Long-term durability gradually becomes a very prominent consideration as the structure ages and active maintenance becomes necessary.

Markham saving the world one concrete structure at a time


Can concrete maintenance costs be reduced?

Where symptoms of concrete aging are detected early, the application of a penetrating hydrogel treatment can greatly assist in restoring the intended service life of the structure. By reducing the concrete’s permeability, and immobilizing the moisture-borne agents already within the concrete, hydrogels can arrest the activity of ASR, DEF, chloride attack, or corrosion.
Markham saving the world one concrete structure at a time
Better still is a proactive approach, where hydrogel treatments are applied at time of construction or even added to the mix of precast elements. The hydrogel will provide protection for the life of the concrete, providing ultimate impermeability against moisture-borne contaminants, never wearing off the surface, and never needing to be reapplied.

Markham saving the world one concrete structure at a time


Markham saving the world one concrete structure at a time

If you’re responsible for the care and costs of concrete infrastructure, talk to our team today about advancing your methods.

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