FINISH-AID is a spray-on "2-in-1" Anti-vap for concrete

Waterbased, anti-evaporation agent

Improves achieved finish & easy to use


Improve finish & reduce moisture-loss

FINISH-AID is a cost effective spray on anti-evaporation agent applied during the finishing process and prior to concrete curing compound and treatments. FINISH-AID is a unique formalation to reduce evaporation and lubricate finishening process

This product is supplied in 20L pails. Orders before 2pm will be dispatched the same working day. Orders after this cut off will dispatched the following working day.

Key benefits
Improves achieved finish & easy to use

FINISH-AID instantly forms a protective mono-molecular layer across the surface of the concrete which lubricates the surface during the finishing process to improve the achieved concrete finish. Lasts as long as the concrete remains plastic. This allows the necessary amount of working time to achieve an acceptable finish, regardless of successive floating and trowelling operation.

Reduces surface moisture evaporation

FINISH-AID reduces surface moisture evaporation by up to 80%. Reduces wind crusting, plastic shrinkage cracking and the formation of moisture envelopes which result in surface spalls.
MARKHAM FINISH-AID significantly improves the concrete surface strength, abrasion resistance and durability by holding in the critical mix water necessary to ensure proper cement hydration

Cost Effective & diluted 1:10 with Water

FINISH-AID is a purchased as a waterbased concentrate, which is simply diluted at 1:10 with water and spray applied with low pressure to the concrete surface.


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