Concrete Repair Solutions - Penetrating spray on treatment and crack repair solutions

Concrete Repair Solutions


We offer concrete repair products and solutions in New Zealand, Australia & United Kingdom (UK)

MARKHAM GLOBAL specialise in solutions and products for concrete repair, focusing on 2 specific areas.

1. Protection of overall concrete structures in combination with traditional Concrete Repair Mortars for extending service life of concrete structures. AQURON 7000 Concrete Protection Treatment halts further corrosion in surrounding concrete, and reduces potential for concrete break-out along side concrete repair (i.e Incipient Anode Formation). MARKHAM GLOBAL’s recommendation of AQURON 7000 Concrete Protection Treatment is based on the internationally accepted logic that "stopping moisture migration into and through concrete porosity halts all common causes of corrosion".

2. Concrete Repair products for fixing cracked concrete and spalls from concrete floors. These products include polyurea 2-part based chemical formulations with rapid curing times in hot and cold temperatures, and both flexible and rigid versions available. In development of these products for repairing concrete, MARKHAM has ensured that they are easy to use with simple hand mix formations. It is important to be able to quickly and easily repair concrete spalls and cracking to eliminate further problems and hazards. MARKHAM GLOBAL’s concrete repair products are designed to provide a quick solution to the problem which are simple to handle and apply with step by step instructions and rapid setting times to allow for traffic to quickly resume to the area.

MARKHAM’s repair products come with QUALITY ASSURANCE to fix your concrete's problem including supply & application, recommended equipment and detailed instructions. For more information about solving you concrete problem, give the team a call on 0800 693 694 for expert advice and technical support.


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We understand that choosing the correct solution and type of product is essential for the success of any project. Markham has a technical support team with many years of concrete industry experience and successful project applications and we are ready to help you find the right solution for your application.

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