AQURON 2000 – Spray-on Concrete Waterproofing

AQURON 2000 is a GUARANTEED spray-on penetrating hydrogel concrete waterproofing treatment proven on millions of square meters of concrete

Waterproofing, hardening, antidusting & internal curing in one treatment

Penetrates deeply into new and existing concrete


Ultimate Concrete Waterproofing Hydrogel

AQURON 2000 spray-on concrete waterproofing produces a hydrogel that fills porosity up to 150mm+ below the surface, providing a broad spectrum of enhanced concrete performance.

AQURON 2000 is only available strictly as a quality controlled "supplied and applied" application. Our Customer services team is here to help confirm the m2 costings for your project.

Key benefits

The unique catalyst of AQURON solutions enables penetration into both saturated curing concrete and aged concrete, sets AQURON apart from other silicates.

Internal Waterproofing & Curing

AQURON 2000 penetrates deeply into concrete, and forms a hydrogel within the porosity of the concrete to ensure there is adequate moisture within the concrete to maximize hydration of internal concrete curing, while waterproofing & hardening the concrete. AQURON 2000 Spray on concrete curing treatment offering curing assistance has been tested to be equal to water ponding.

Multipurpose spray-on application for concrete

AQURON 2000 is a GUARANTEED penentrating waterproofing spray-on treatment for concrete, resulting in improved curing, enhanced durability enhancement & internal moistureproofing.


Our product in use


National Fire Service Training Facility

National Fire Service Training Facility

Rotorua, New Zealand

Located in an abandoned suburb on the outskirts of the city, complete with street signs, houses and buildings. Markham was engaged to provide AQURON colloidal silica hydrogel concrete durability and waterproofing treatment to their concrete slabs, which will increase their service life in such a demanding environment.


Joll Road Development

Joll Road Development

Havelock North, New Zealand

Multilevel slab curing solutions. Our AQURON colloidal silica hydrogel concrete durability and waterproofing treatment is an effective curing enhancer – equal to 14-days water curing.

The Joll Road Development, in Havelock North took advantage of this feature with great results. Thanks to RTA Studio architects and Gemco Group for bringing us on board.


Horizon Apartments Auckland

Horizon Apartments Auckland

Auckland, New Zealand

We are proud to have been involved, speeding construction schedules and protecting the concrete throughout the Horizon Apartments in Auckland.


Queensland Bridges

Queensland Bridges

Queensland, Australia

Treating and protecting another Queensland Bridge with AQURON colloidal silica hydrogel concrete durability and waterproofing treatment. Our applicators applied this product to heal hairline cracks and provide an integral barrier that transforms the moisture in the concrete into a protective hydrogel.


The Royal Ascot Pomeroy

The Royal Ascot Pomeroy

Victoria, Australia

Thanks to Hy-tec industries for trusting us to protect the concrete structure from moisture and damage, for the life of this beautiful building.

Case studies

AQURON 2000 at work

AQURON 2000 internal concrete curing and 4n1 treatment has been proven on thousands of projects, totalling millions of square metres in Australasia over the last 20yrs.

Precast elements on bridge in Australia

AQURON 2000 applied to waterproofing concrete precast elements

Carparking Structure in NZ

AQURON 2000 applied to carpark decks to waterproofing in combination with joint sealant.


All the details you need.


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Apply by approved applicator
AQURON 2000 penetrating hydrogel concrete treatment
within 24hrs of concrete pour.
Internal curing & waterproofing
w 15 yr guarantee required.
NIL VOC for Overall Greenstar Building
Refer spec 3124A

Apply by approved applicator
AQURON 2000 penetrating hydrogel concrete treatment
to existing concrete to provide
internal waterproofing
NIL VOC for Overall Greenstar Building
Refer spec 6135A


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