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CASE STUDY – Geraldton Wharf

Geraldton Wharf
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Geraldton’s sea port is an important service centre for the region’s mining and agriculture. From a concrete perspective, the conditions are extreme; besides being a marine environment under heavy traffic, ambient temperatures fluctuate across a steep scale, with extreme highs over 40°C not uncommon in Summer.

In the context of the wharf decks, the asset managers are faced with the prospect of premature concrete deterioration in an active and valuable structure. Protection was called for, with value for money and minimal
downtime being key requirements.

The MARKHAM team worked with the maintenance contractor Marine and Civil Maintenance, following the specifications of engineers Wallbridge Gilbert Aztec. AQURON 7000 concrete hydrogel treatment was applied.

The intention was to seal the concrete porosity against further contamination, arrest existing deterioration, and effectively waterproof the deck.

In this instance, the results were extensively tested for waterproofing (impermeability) after treatment, using the Germann Water-Penetration Test (GWT) by Germann Instruments. The tests were supervised by an MCM appointed Site Engineer. The deck was tested directly, and core samples were taken from the soffit.

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