MARKHAM Product Directory

Protect your concrete structures with our colloidal silica hydrogel waterproofing, penetrating sealers and durability treatments.

Our Complete Concrete Protection Systems

BASE-TECT - Our Complete Basement Waterproofing System
CIVIL-TECT - Concrete Infrastructure Protection System
FLOOR-TECT - Our Complete Concrete Floor Covering Protection System
SLAB-TECT - Our Commercial Floor Slab Protection System

AQURON - Improving the world we live in through science and chemistry

AQURON 1000 - Spray-on Sealer and Anti-Dust Hardener
AQURON 1200 - Spray-on Water Repellent for Precast and Masonry
AQURON 2000 - Spray-on Sealer and Moisture Control
AQURON 2000 MEDI+ - Spray-on Hygiene Sealer
AQURON 300 - Waterproofing Admixture
AQURON 7000 - Spray-on Durability Treatment
AQURON PAVESET - Sealer for Paving & Flagstones

CONQOR - Adding Life to Concrete​

CONQOR 3799 - Curing Compound
CONQOR 47B - Delayed Swell Gasket & Waterstop
CONQOR 87B - Controlled Expansion Gasket & Waterstop
CONQOR B25 – Stability & Workability Enhancer
CONQOR B50 - Sustainable Waterproofing Admixture
CONQOR B52 – Waterproofing Admixture & Water Repellent
CONQOR FRM - The Ultimate Forming Liquid
CONQOR S22 - Sanitiser
CONQOR TCB - Thermal Curing Blanket

Specialised Concrete Treatments​

CRETEPOLISH MAX - For Initial Sheen on Floors
GLOSS POLISH SYSTEM - For High Shine Floors
HARDEN-IT - Sodium Silicate for Concrete Floors
MASTERSEAL - Concrete Sealer for Driveways & Floors
TOBI-ANNE - Hand San