Rejuvenating a Warehouse Floor?

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Rejuvenating a Warehouse Floor?
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Do you own or maintain a warehouse, and the concrete floor is showing signs of age?

Or conversely, perhaps the building is being re-purposed. New layout? New usage? Or perhaps even converting to retail or multi-purpose space?

Either way, you’ll be rejuvenating the floors.

Don’t overlook the concrete!

Whether you’re planning on polishing, or painting, or installing floor coverings – you want a good quality concrete substrate to work with. Aged concrete may show signs of micro-cracking, softening, or carbonation and dusting on the surface. This deterioration must be arrested!


The dust on the floor may not just be grime. Concrete dust can build up as a result of traffic abrasion, or due to the process of carbonation. Concrete dust is laden with silica – a serious health hazard for anyone working constantly in such an environment.

Warehouse concrete floors need protection

One simple treatment

Deal with multiple substrate issues using one simple one-pass treatment!

Spray-applied AQURON 1000 induces a hydrogel within the porosity of the concrete. This means

  • Concrete is hardened, with anti-dust benefit, to a depth of 150mm
  • Micro-cracking healed, up to 0.5mm wide
  • Improved substrate for grinding or polishing
  • 100% compatible with any coating, adhesive or epoxy designed for bare concrete


Other scenarios

  • Concrete ceilings and soffits also require protection. Again, concrete dust from deteriorating ceilings is a health hazard to the users of the space beneath. Ask about using AQURON 1000 for sealing, hardening and anti-dusting of concrete ceilings and soffits!
  • Precast concrete walls need protection from weather exposure, and the resulting discolouration. AQURON 2000 can waterproof and protect vertical surfaces.


Like to know more?

If you’re involved in renovating, rejuvenating or re-vamping factories, warehouses, or data centres, you need to talk to our team today about improving the process for long-term satisfaction!

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