Planning for Return to Site?

How will you protect your team?

Planning for Return to Site?
14 April 2020 Posted in

As New Zealand transitions from Level 4 to Level 3 protocols on 28th April, and teams return to construction sites, Markham can play a part in keeping you and your team safe.

Markham’s BE SURE values in action!
Markham saving the world one concrete structure at a time
CHASNZ has released “COVID-19 Standard for New Zealand Construction Operations” which includes requirements for sanitisation on site:
At the commencement of the day: “Workers must be able to sanitise their hands before starting work at their work location as per MOH guidelines”.
At the end of each day: “For each site and work location commonly used areas and surfaces where workers may have come in contact with are to be cleaned and sanitised at the end of the working day or at the end of each shift.”
Markham saving the world one concrete structure at a time
We’re here to help, with our CONQOR S22 sanitiser and our very convenient SUPPLY AND APPLY service.

What is CONQOR S22?

CONQOR S22 is a highly concentrated Benzalkonium chloride (QAC) based sanitiser.

  • Contains 300,000 ppm QAC in undiluted form.
  • Broad range of efficacy.
  • Near neutral pH in RTU form.
  • Exhibits residual activity once applied.
  • Has detergent properties and can be used in areas of medium-hard water.
  • Contains fading blue indicator dye to ensure complete coverage.

How can we help?

To assist with your in-house sanitisation program, Markham can treat the working surfaces and floors with our misting sprayers, killing germs and providing peace of mind to your team and your customers.
Treatments are effective for about two weeks.

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And … looking for hand sanitiser? Meet Tobi Anne Hand San!
Powerful alcohol-based hand sanitiser that evaporates leaving hands dry, sanitised and feeling great without the need for a towel or air dryer.
Can be used once hands are washed or between washes on a regular basis to maintain sanitised conditions.
Practical and economical!
Ideal for worksites and reception zones.
Download the free technical data sheet now.
Keen to learn more? Get in touch!

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