Something we don’t do

Waterproofing concrete block structures? Sorry, no.

Something we don’t do
06 October 2020 Posted in

We’ll keep this one really brief because it pains us to tell you about a service we don’t offer.

Markham does not waterproof concrete block structures.

There. It’s out. Phew.

Fact is, we can waterproof concrete but we can’t waterproof air.
And we have very effective waterstop gaskets for slab joints and protrusions – but we can’t guarantee their effectiveness in the unstable nature of gaps between concrete blocks.

Markham is a risk-averse company. That means we want to guarantee you get the result you’re looking for. It also means if we can’t guarantee that result, we won’t proceed with the work.

What we CAN offer for concrete blocks:

We can offer AQURON 3000 to treat and protect concrete blocks. This is a substrate preparation treatment designed for large-porosity concrete such as found in concrete blocks. It won’t waterproof the whole structural segment, but it will protect the blocks themselves, and prepare the substrate for paint or other coatings.

We’re happy to talk to you about how we can help, and how we can’t. Be free to get in touch!

Download technical data on Aquron 3000

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