Superior sustainable waterproofing admixture!

Look what's launched!

Superior sustainable waterproofing admixture!
04 August 2020 Posted in ,

We’re delighted to announce the launch of the new CONQOR B50 superior sustainable waterproofing admixture.

  • ADMIXTURE for effective concrete waterproofing throughout the mix.
  • WATERPROOFING the concrete itself, deep in the matrix.
  • SUSTAINABLE! Created from a sustainable natural industry byproduct, which is great news for the environment!
  • SUPERIOR because CONQOR B50 has other benefits too!

Not only is CONQOR B50 a remarkable new waterproofing admixture, it also improves curing, and enhances the rheology of the mix which makes for easier placement!
This new product is a WIN for designers, builders, placement teams and asset owners!
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