Sustainability for Concrete Marine Structures?

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Sustainability for Concrete Marine Structures?
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The question of environmental impact, and environmental sustainability, is extremely significant for marine structures.
Waterways are sensitive environmental zones. And there are large numbers of concrete structures which intrude on these zones.
If you are responsible for the maintenance of a concrete marine structure, you’ll be involved with two key aspects of this discussion: REMEDIATION and LONGEVITY.
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Environmental safety comes to the fore when remedial works are carried out. It is essential that toxins and VOCs do not find their way into the environment, including wash-off or overspray.
Most coatings, including silanes, are solvent-based. This means they are potentially hazardous for the environment, and probably flammable.
Markham – Adding life to concrete
Have you considered using penetrating hydrogel treatment, for proactive maintenance, and as part of your remediation works?


Concrete hydrogel treatments are induced by use of water-borne colloidal silicate, which is extremely safe for both the environment and for the humans in the vicinity – it has nil VOCs.
Download the VOC certificate
Download the Aquron 2000 potable water certificate
Markham – Adding life to concrete
Aquron hydrogel treatments have been successfully used in and around sensitive marine environments, to avoid detrimental effects on the waterways.
Markham – Adding life to concrete
Aquron hydrogel treatments will not have any adverse effects on applicators or other personnel in the vicinity.


Thinking about the long-term residual impact of the treatment – Aquron hydrogel treatments do not introduce or create any new element in the concrete which is not already found there. The catalytic process utilises uncured elements within the concrete itself, to create the hydrogel. This means the concrete will have no higher risk, nor be any more difficult to recycle, than if untreated. The result is that no new environmental risk factor is introduced, if and when the structure is demolished.



But why speak of demolition? One of the overwhelming benefits of Aquron hydrogel treatment is that it helps the concrete last longer.

  • Moisture-borne contaminants are immobilised.
  • The reinforcing steel is protected.
  • Adverse reactions are arrested.
  • The service life of the concrete is preserved or extended.

Yes, the inconvenient truth is that concrete itself contributes up to 5% of worldwide carbon dioxide emissions.
More information on that here.
So – by preserving existing concrete structures, and delaying the need of replacement, Aquron hydrogels are assisting to reduce the new construction concrete required. Bring it on!


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Markham – Adding life to concrete

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Markham – Adding life to concrete

Markham – Adding life to concrete


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