There’s nothing going on …

So you're working with precast concrete walls and they're going to be left bare?

There’s nothing going on …

It’s not unusual for precast concrete elements to be left exposed with a bare surface. This is true of both construction and infrastructure elements.
For building construction, the appearance is usually very important, and needs to be kept at its best.

No, there are some things you don’t want!

Even if the finished wall is plain flat concrete, there are a few things you definitely don’t want:
X Darkened surface colour over time.
X Mould and moss growth.
X Concrete cracking, and/or corrosion staining.

All these things are caused by moisture soaking into the concrete porosity, and carrying contaminants with it.
Ultimately, these contaminants will cause the concrete to fail, often due to the corrosion of the reinforcing steel.

Yes, there is a solution!

Aquron 300 waterproofing admixture creates a protective hydrogel throughout the porosity of the concrete. Moisture is immobilised. Moisture-borne contaminants are blocked. The concrete is made more durable. The appearance is protected.
Yes, Aquron 300 can help you preserve the appearance and innate durability of bare precast concrete.
Don’t pour without it!

Bonus read: For extra water repellancy, Aquron 1200 is an amazing nil-VOC spray-applied treatment for the exposed surfaces. Aquron 1200 also leaves the surface appearance unchanged. DOWNLOAD MORE INFORMATION! »

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