Thermal Curing Protection – in the heat!

Curing concrete in extreme temperatures?

Thermal Curing Protection – in the heat!
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Working in extreme heat? Temperature differentials between the concrete and the ambient environment can have very negative impacts on concrete strength and quality.

Building in summer?

Concrete curing in high ambient temperatures (above 32°C) is at risk of uneven and defective hydration. This in turn potentially results in excessive cracking and long-term durability issues.

What is the solution?

Many methods of insulating the curing concrete are time-consuming and difficult.

CONQOR TCB thermal curing blanket in use on new bridge headstocks

Markham offers CONQOR TCB, the effective and easy to use solution to maintaining curing temperatures in concrete. This lightweight cover is easy to install, can be re-used, and is also available in custom shapes or sizes.

  • Protect against low or high temperatures
  • Durability enhanced – allows the concrete to achieve the desired strength in a shorter time frame.
  • CONQOR TCB will protect the concrete while curing and CONQOR TCB reduces the temperature differential between the core and surface curing temperatures.
  • CONQOR TCB also assists in reducing shrinkage.
Markham Conqor TCB Thermal Curing Blanket
Markham Conqor TCB Thermal Curing Blanket

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