We want traffic jams in concrete!

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We want traffic jams in concrete!

It is generally recognised that moisture and moisture vapour carry contaminants which are detrimental to concrete.

Yes, concrete contains and needs some moisture.

No, we don’t want the contaminants which come with it.

The challenge is how to allow the moisture to be present, without carrying contaminants through the porosity of the concrete.
All that contaminant-laden moisture is moving around in the porosity of the concrete. Microscopic loads of chlorides and acids are being delivered to the reinforcing steel.


We need a traffic jam!

This is where HYDROGEL treatments come into play. Hydrogel treatments immobilise the moisture – they do not block or remove it. Catalytic silicate reacts with the moisture and the free limes in the concrete to produce a C-S-H gel formation.


Contaminant traffic grinds to an all-day halt!

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