Waterproofing Carpark Decks?

Advanced concrete waterproofing... and a project snapshot!

Waterproofing Carpark Decks?

Have you learned how concrete itself can be the waterproofing membrane in basements? The same principle can be applied to exposed carpark slabs, including podiums.

A Project Snapshot

An excellent example of this approach is the Silverdale Centre carpark, in Auckland NZ (pictured). Lightweight construction methods were used, leading to rolling loads causing the concrete to flex much more than traditional methods. The AQURON waterproofing system was chosen and ensures robust waterproofing for the structure.

The Key to the System

Key to the AQURON waterproofing system is AQURON 300 hydrogel admixture, an advanced environment-friendly, liquid concrete additive, which provides integral waterproofing and corrosion protection. Hydrogel technology employs the free limes in the concrete, sealing the porosity against moisture-borne contamination, and waterproofing the slab.

In addition, AQURON 300 makes handling and placement of the mix easier, controls the heat of hydration, and reduces shrinkage.

The net result is high quality, highly durable concrete.

AQURON 300 can be used as part of a holistic waterproofing package, including joint sealing waterstops and design recommendations.
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