Who said concrete floors don’t need protecting?

You know concrete gets a hard time, right?

Who said concrete floors don’t need protecting?

Concrete is a remarkably durable material, true. There are concrete structures still standing after hundreds of years!
But concrete is not absolutely invulnerable or indestructible. And, face it, exposed concrete surfaces have a tough time.


The obvious challenges to concrete durability would be wear and contamination. A bare concrete floor, for example, will degrade over time through the impact of vehicle and foot traffic, and contaminant spills.
Areas not subject to direct wear may still be exposed to weathering or environmental contamination, depending on the circumstances.


A less obvious challenge is moisture-borne contamination. Contaminants in the air, such as car exhaust fumes, can be carried into concrete by moisture vapour. Reactive chemicals can find their way into the concrete, triggering a cycle of concrete breakdown and corrosion of the rebar.

Why are so many new concrete floors left completely without protection?

Sorry, we don’t have an answer for that one. We believe that concrete needs protection from day one, to ensure it maintains its condition and its intended service life.

Stop the degradation process, with penetrating hydrogel treatment!

Penetrating catalytic hydrogel is the advanced solution for concrete protection. By the application of a catalytic silicate, a protective hydrogel is formed deep in the porosity of the concrete. This both prevents moisture-borne contamination from entering the concrete and arrests the movement of moisture within the concrete itself.

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