The MARKHAM Experience.

Its what we add that makes the difference!


When you join us on your project journey, you become a valued part of our own journey. We thought you might like to know more about how we work – our whole cycle of caring for our customers, even before we know who you are. We’ve pulled aside the curtain – here is MARKHAM, behind the scenes!

How The MARKHAM Experience Works | Discover our customer journey

A quick overview of the history and background of MARKHAM, and what drives us.

  • MARKHAM offers you the experience of over 25 years in the industry. BE SURE.
  • We make concrete stronger, to last longer. Extending the Service life of your concrete structures!
  • We call it “Invisible Strength” – our treatments are deep within the concrete. Permanent and Durable to reduce your maintenance.
  • Our solutions are safe and responsibly sourced – we call this “Sustainable Strength”. Select with confidence to ensure the right choice!
  • Our whole-team approach is in motion to help you. It’s what we add that makes the difference.
  • To Provide an End to end service for your structures, or the ability to help you Add life to Concrete through product supply.

MARKHAM’s extensive research and development program, and insights into our network of industry peers.

Research & Development.

  • Industry conformance and verification are foremost. MARKHAM has its own in-house testing laboratory. As well as our own personnel, where we periodically invite industry experts to work with us.
  • Our products have also been tested extensively by independent third parties, within Australia, New Zealand, and USA. Ensuring you get what you need.
  • We work closely with environmental bodies such as Eco Choice Aotearoa. Helping you to have options to fit your green builds.
  • You can stay ahead with knowledge of MARKHAM’S extensive research into global trends, innovations and concrete construction processes.
Supply Chain Partnerships | The MARKHAM Experience
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Supply Chain & Partnerships.

  • Buy NZ Made – Our local NZ source for geothermal-produced colloidal silica.
  • ECNZ – we are licensed to use this label on key products. Helping you select with confidence.
  • MARKHAM is a member of NZ and AU Green Building Councils. Assisting to get top ratings on your builds.
  • MARKHAM is underway with Environmental Product declarations. A market leader to be aligned with.  
  • BRANZ and CODEMARK certifications to provide you with the backing you need.

An outline of our approach to market, our coverage, and the tools available to you, our customers.

You’re on our website already – that’s a good sign! Have you found our document library? It’s free, and contains all the vital information about each of our products and systems.
We proactively reach out in many ways:


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  • Upskill your technical side, We can provide CPD or product presentations to architects and design professionals.
  • Did we mention that library? You’re welcome to register for free.
  • Discovery Meetings – You can always reach out on project-specific details and queries. We understand every project and requirement is unique.

Specific tools for architects and construction design professionals.

We’ve already mentioned specification platforms.

  • Australia: Archify, NBS Source.
  • New Zealand: Masterspec.
  • Save time with our standard detail drawings to integrate with your plans.
  • Custom and Performance specifications are written to suit your build. Outline and developed design details for you to include.
  • Backing from independent agencies to review and confirm performance specifications to ensure the suitability for your project.
CPD Development | The MARKHAM Experience
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Other tools available to you.

  • Stay ahead of the curve. Educational Presentations, CPDs and project-specific presentations.
  • BIM files for most products and systems (BPN, PLN, RVT) to ensure easy integration.
  • Waterproofing standard detail demonstration diagrams. Saving you time and explanation.
  • The ability to work with your plans. Detailing on the plans you provide to show what’s needed where.
  • Past projects. Protect your reputation and have confidence with our vast track record of similar projects.

Step-by-step through our project-specific approach, and the tools we use.

So we’ve reached the point where there is a specific project in mind, and you’d like to move forward with that.

The journey looks something like this:

1. Initial chat

  • What do you want to achieve?
  • What methods have you previously used?
  • What does a successful outcome look like for you?

2. Discovery meeting

  • Learn the project in detail
  • Understand who is involved – who are the stakeholders? Who has worked on the project so far?
  • Understand the project requirements, including compliance factors such as green star.
  • Clarify the MARKHAM solutions that fit the project.

3. Solutions offering

  • MARKHAM submits a refined offering to suit the build.
  • We provide relevant data and documentation.

4. Development

  • Press go!
  • Finalise contracts and any other required documents.
  • Pass to the project team – meet and greet the teams involved.
Technical Help | The MARKHAM Experience
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Back up and technical help is always available, even when the project has moved to the operations phase.

Tools available:

  • Ensure accurate and timely communication. For us, we use our CRM to collate the conversations and keep the history together throughout.
  • For you to have more confidence in the decision, we can provide comparative case studies, test reports, sample warranty, and even performance solutionbriefs.
  • BRANZ and CODEMARK certifications to provide you the backing you need to process plans and approvals.
  • Testimonials and past project history to ensure the right solution works best for your project. Experience the power of Invisible Strength.

From handover through to completion of application.

Communication plays the key role in the operations process.

  • Internal handover from project consultants to the delivery team. Ensuring nothing is dropped and the delivery is planned as you requested.
  • Project pre-starts, documentation, safety resource and product allocation are sorted early to ensure we are ready when you are!
  • Regular and timely communication for smooth delivery throughout the project.
  • Dedicated MARKHAM site team – you normally deal with one dedicated project manager. One point of contact that runs all. Making it easy.
  • Site establishment and presence. You are top of mind throughout and beyond the project. We will be with you along that journey.
  • No Mess! We bring what we need only, and take away the goods not used. Not using up site space which is always precious.
MARKHAM office staff at work | The MARKHAM Experience
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We have our own custom-made project management app, “MJM” which provides YOU with:

  • Keeping up with your programme. Scheduling in real-time (including rescheduling when needed).
  • On-site mark-ups. A key part of the QA process so you can BE SURE
  • Live documented quality control. Reports are ready for you to file and collate for the project history and conformance.

All of this means a smooth experience for you, including being able to ask for progress updates at any time.

Warranty and documentation processes.

Once application and installation is complete, our operations team will:

  • Issue your final warranty in accordance with our promise.
  • Complete and issue the Quality Assurance documentation.
  • Run a project debrief to ensure we are always learning and getting Your feedback.
  • Run an internal project audit to ensure You got what you needed, and where things can be made better for the next round.
  • … and show you some client love with a final gift pack!
Site BBQ | The MARKHAM Experience

Other ways we might reach out to you at this late stage include:

  • A site BBQ (depending on the size of the project 😉).
  • “Feedback loop” – where a third party researcher might ask you for your opinion – how did we go?

What comes next?

Depending on the project, there may be other ongoing activities:

  • Follow-up tests or audits may be included in the contract.
  • Significant projects are discussed in ‘debrief’ sessions within our team.
  • Any warranty claims are dealt with promptly and effectively.
  • Photographs and video of your project may be added to our project library, or even become the subject of a video case study!
  • Data from the project may be passed back to the research and development team.
  • … and of course, our finance team will be involved to assist with payments including arrangements for retentions.


What about your next project? Keep in touch!
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