Waterproofing & durability system for concrete construction.

Did you know – A complete system is available, waterproofing the concrete itself?

Why Do You Need a Multi-Part Concrete Waterproofing System?

Concrete waterproofing is a notoriously challenging segment of the industry, in design, methods and construction.

For concrete waterproofing, you may have thought that membranes are the only approach. However, these have some significant drawbacks including cost and the difficulty of remediating failures. There are also significant safety and project schedule disadvantages. Multiple parties are involved and must work closely together for a fully successful outcome.

Our holistic, multi-part concrete waterproofing system offers an advanced alternative to membranes in a wide range of situations. The system is safe, quick, and easy, and helps your schedule management.

Interested in finding out more about how our concrete waterproofing system can help with your next project?

Why choose the Markham Waterproofing System?

  • Easy to design and detail. Easy to construct and control.
  • Fast – save programming time.
  • Safe. Fewer trades required. No need to put teams down deep excavations or behind walls.
  • Flexible options. Suits many building methods – shotcrete and piles; precast and infill; Insitu.
  • Long-term durability – concrete and steel are permanently protected.
  • Protect against acid attack, chlorides, or contaminants.

Our waterproofing systems are:

Designed to suit:
  • Basements
  • Car park roof levels and weather-exposed floors
  • Concrete roofs over non-habitable spaces
  • Structures below the local water table
  • Tanks and reservoirs
  • Tunnels and bridges
  • Retaining walls
  • Marine structures
  • Water treatment and effluent
Created to help:
  • Architects looking for a comprehensive and cost-effective approach to concrete waterproofing
  • Engineers looking for long term durability
  • Developers looking for efficient construction processes and value engineering
  • Construction teams looking to save time and money on their construction programme
  • Asset owners looking for long term trouble-free property management

Here we discuss the main areas of quality assurance applied to the MARKHAM waterproofing system.

Designed Specifically for your project

Holistic, quality controlled waterproofing systems.
Advanced Waterproofing Admixtures
  • Integral waterproofing
  • Enhanced workability
  • Enhanced durability
  • Reduced shrinkage
  • Improved long-term durability
  • Safety and sustainability
Advanced Hydrogel Waterproofing Sealer
  • Immobilise moisture within the concrete
  • Seal and densify the slab
  • Waterproofing benefits
  • Enhanced concrete curing when applied early
  • Anti-dust, low moisture.
  • Fully compatible – less preparation
Controlled Expansion Waterstop Gaskets
  • Creates a permanent seal
  • Controlled swell to allow concrete to get up to strength
  • Resistant to hydrostatic pressure
  • Easy and quick to install

Concrete waterproofing projects

These projects proved the benefits of our concrete waterproofing system
markham projects waterproofing poal carpark
Port of Auckland, NZ

Topdeck waterproofing. Hard-wearing and permanent. A system that cannot be worn off over time.

markham projects waterproofing st marks
St Mark's apartments
Auckland, NZ

The concrete itself was made waterproof with AQURON 300 admixture and AQURON 2000 spray-applied treatment. The penetrations and joints were sealed with CONQOR 47B delayed swell waterstop gasket.

markham projects waterproofing countdown waiheke
Waiheke Island, Auckland​

Shotcrete and pile basement system. Waterproofed by MARKHAM to protect the structure and shoppers.

markham projects waterproofing rosewood
West Perth, WA​

This solution involved waterproofing a basement car park, working around an existing heritage building.

markham projects waterproofing westfield newmarket
Auckland, New Zealand​

Shopping centre with the basement in the water table and exposed suspended deck car parking.

markham projects waterproofing the glen
Glen Waverley, Victoria​

Waterproofing car park roof slabs in centre extension. Our system was tested during construction by a significant rain event.

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