Meet the people behind the work.

BESURE is our promise.

We’re proud to be a family owned business with more than 25 years’ proven experience with offices in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

Our unified solution focused global team strives to provide expertise and reliability on all projects. We encourage and support our people to be themselves and enjoy their work everyday, and provide their service to you with respect and loyalty.

Meet our global team.

Meet the team of professionals behind the MARKHAM brand. We work hard every day to save the world, one concrete structure at a time.

Brendan Stead

Mark Cockburn

Brooke Avery

Clarence Pretorius

Manton Collings

Syd Jones

Shane McManus

Spencer Barnes

Bec Bird

Grayson Wright

Carl Groombridge

Clint Judd

Lance McNamara

Robert Martin

Ruan Bredenkamp

Jaimi Manning

Wade Lanham

Brad Fulcher

Eric Windschuttel

Tommy Fulcher

Hayden Prestidge

Melissa Thompson

Ben Dowell

Merv Smith

Finn Currie

Conrad Stead

Henry Mitchell

Jas Martin

Aimee Hill

Xave Cockburn

Russell Gulley

Tracey Brawley

Christine Melville

Venus Flaws

Michael Karantoni

Rebecca Smith

Pete Erueti

James Watson

Lachie Smith

Amanda Slader-Kearns

Simon Mitchell

Graham Smith

Troy Pomare

Nelo Liu

Jason Brown

Mark Smith

Ross Groombridge

Alex Portelli

Doug Hamlin

Charles Currie

Lionel Urquhart

Kelly Sterling-Smith

Craig Otton

Michelle Bennett

Javi Otero

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