Protection & durability system for exposed concrete.

Did you know – Protection is essential for concrete to last for its intended service life, and keep its appearance for the life of the concrete.

Why Does Exposed Concrete Needs Protection to Extend Durability?

Exposed concrete needs durability protection because:

  • Floor slabs are subject to traffic, loads, abrasion and carbonation
  • Walls may be exposed to weather conditions and contaminants that bring about deterioration
  • Ceilings can emit dust as they age, resulting in health issues
  • Maintenance costs need to be reduced, and the visual appearance enhanced

Leaving the concrete unprotected is not an option.

This is why it is important to protect and extend the durability of the concrete from day one. Our hydrogel concrete solutions offer many benefits for exposed concrete.

Interested in finding out more about how our durability system for exposed concrete can help with your next project?

Why Choose Hydrogel Treatments for Exposed concrete Surfaces?

  • Long-term durability – a permanent treatment right through the slab, that can’t be reversed.

  • Permanent anti-dusting – protect against carbonation.

  • Enhanced Curing – Added benefit of curing enhancement. Save time and money!

  • Moisture Retention – Complies with the moisture retention requirements of AS3799.

  • Minimal Downtime – The slab can be walked on after as little as 1 hour following application.

  • Reduced Delamination – Treatments penetrate up to 150mm avoiding the risk of delamination.

  • Does not cause tyre squeal – unlike topical sealers (car park floor slabs etc.).

  • Sustainable / Environment and occupant friendly / Nil VOC and water-based

  • Compatibility – reduce costs on work prior to subsequent finishes such as line marking.

Our Exposed Concrete Treatment Systems Are:

Designed to suit:
  • Warehouses including high-traffic floors Car park – multi-level and apartments
  • Exposed retail trading floors
  • Factories under constant load and traffic such as forklifts
  • Precast concrete walls
  • Concrete ceilings and soffits
Created to help:
  • Architects looking for permanent protection of the project after construction

  • Engineers looking for long term durability and effective curing

  • Developers looking for efficient construction processes and long-term results

  • Construction teams and contractors looking to save time and money on their construction programme

  • Asset owners looking for long term trouble-free, low maintenance property management


A quick fly-through of an exposed retail floor.

This store floor is subjected to foot traffic from 1000s of people every day. This was treated with AQURON 1000 hydrogel treatment.

The video is taken 10 years later, and the floor is still in tip-top condition!

Designed Specifically for your project

Holistic, quality controlled durability & protection systems.
Advanced hydrogel cure, seal & anti-dust hardening for vertical and horizontal surfaces
  • Seal the slab, with deep penetrating anti-dust hardening

  • Enhanced concrete curing when applied early

  • Long-term durability

  • Permanent anti-dusting

  • Compatibility

Advanced water repellent for vertical surfaces
  • Clear water repellent

  • Preserve the natural appearance

  • Helps keep the surface clean

  • UV stable – non-yellowing

  • Suitable for several types of masonry substrate

Advanced waterproofing sealer for vertical & horizontal surfaces
  • Immobilise moisture within the concrete – stop moisture migration
  • Seal and densify the slab
  • Waterproofing concrete
  • Enhanced curing when applied early
  • Long-term durability
  • Permanent anti-dusting
  • Compatibility
Topical protection to enhance the appearance & reduce maintenance
  • Gloss sealers – low sheen or high gloss options
  • Surface hardeners for durability
  • Exterior paving treatments – easy care
  • Anti-slip sealers
  • Flexible sealant to fill saw cuts and prevent grit build-up

Concrete Durability & Protection Projects

These projects proved the benefits of our concrete durability & protection system
markham projects exposed surfaces melbourne airport car park
Melbourne Airport Multilevel Car park
Tullamarine, Victoria
Floor slab curing, sealing and anti-dust hardening.
markham projects exposed surfaces ezibuy distribution centre
Ezibuy Distribution Centre
Palmerston North, NZ
Floor slab sealing and hardening for retail foot traffic.
markham projects exposed surfaces queens wharf
Queens Wharf
Brisbane CBD, Queensland

Floor slab deep penetrating hardening, to withstand long-term vehicle traffic.

Fisher and Paykel Healthcare Warehouse AQURON 1000
Auckland, New Zealand

Cure and seal the warehouse floors, plus surface hardening and finishing treatment.

Victorian College of Arts AQURON 1200
Victorian College of Arts
Melbourne, Victoria

Water repellency treatment was applied for protection of selected walls.

Zealandia Nursery
Zealandia Nursery
Ardmore, Auckland

Waterproofing treatment was applied to protect against hydroponic chemicals.

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