Hayden Prestidge - Design and Delivery Team Leader | MARKHAM
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Hayden Prestidge

Design & Delivery Team Leader

Areas Covered:

New Zealand and Australia

Hayden is passionate about making concrete stronger to last longer and is experienced in concrete protection, waterproofing, corrosion control, curing and sealing at the design and construction stage or in asset management. Hayden has a passion for strategic planning, team culture and personal growth but most of all, the overriding drive to deliver excellence to ensure you have the knowledge and systems to provide your structure with what it needs.

Hayden's Team Mates at MARKHAM.

Here's some of the close-knit team that Hayden Prestidge works closely with here at MARKHAM.

Giullia Oliveira

Laike Smith

Ivan Botiuk

Gareth Styles

Russell Gulley

Brad Fulcher

Alex Portelli

Christine Melville

Mark Cockburn

Charles Currie

Lionel Urquhart

Manton Collings

Graham Smith

Mark Smith

Hayden Prestidge

Doug Hamlin

Henry Mitchell

Lachie Smith

Jaimi Manning

Wade Lanham

Carl Groombridge

Ben Dowell

Ross Groombridge

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