Horsley Connection 20 Chamber


Horsley, Newcastle, England


United Kingdom

Project Type:

Civil / Infrastructure

Project Scale:

0 – 5,000 m²

Mott McDonald Bentley working for Northumbrian Water at Horsley Water Treatment Works asked MARKHAM to provide a retro-applied concrete waterproofing solution for this structure by applying AQURON 2000 colloidal silica hydrogel treatment, to protect the concrete against soft water attack and to waterproof the concrete as previous testing had shown that the Chamber was leaking.


This is part of the CIVIL-TECT system for concrete civil infrastructure protection. It increases impermeability so that water cannot seep through the concrete matrix.

Concrete Products & Solutions used.

These related products and concrete solutions were used to protect the concrete of this project.

AQURON 2000 - Concrete Waterproofing Sealer

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