Murra Warra Wind Farm


North-western Victoria



Project Type:

Civil / Infrastructure

Project Scale:

0 – 5,000 m²

MARKHAM was pleased to be involved in the Murra Warra Wind Farm project. We supplied our thermal curing blankets for the concrete turbine bases, helping ensure strength requirements were met in the exposed conditions.

Thermal cracking is not pretty, and is costly to remediate. It occurs when the deeper sections of the concrete slab are much hotter than the surface, and are still expanding while the surface has cooled. We also use TCBs to protect in cold weather situations to avoid the same issue, to even out the differential between the top and bottom of the slab by keeping heat in at the top.

Concrete Products & Solutions used.

These related products and concrete solutions were used to protect the concrete of this project.

CONQOR TCB - Thermal Curing Blankets for Concrete

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