Durability and Protection for The Rees Hotel

Arresting premature steel corrosion in concrete

The Rees Hotel Queenstown is a sophisticated five-star hotel situated right on the shores of Lake Wakatipu, in the South Island of New Zealand.” – www.therees.co.nz

It was a pleasure to work on such an elegant project, and in such outstanding surrounds as Queenstown, New Zealand.

But the beauty was spoiled when steel corrosion was found in one of the buildings – putting the concrete, and therefore the structure, at risk of premature breakdown.

The treatment selected for this project was what we now know as the CIVIL-TECT system, applied in retrospect to existing concrete with corrosion underway. The system can halt active corrosion by robbing the reaction of its ingredients – moisture and available oxygen. CIVIL-TECT penetrates 150mm into the concrete and reacts with available moisture to that depth to create a protective gel. This gel, in turn, utilizes all the free moisture and prevents it from reacting further, taking it out of the corrosion equation.

The result has been a happy one, and the hotel guests need never know the structure was in any danger.

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