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Tolaga Wharf | MARKHAM Marine Project

An old wharf. A challenging environment.

And quite a few practical challenges.

The Structure Tolaga Bay Wharf is a protected historical structure. The wharf was built in the early 1920’s using unwashed aggregates off Napier Beach and...

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NSW RMS bridges were treated with AQURON concrete durability hydrogels

Out of the archives: Protecting rural RMS bridges

Practical method for treating and protecting exposed rural concrete bridge decks

Challenges Under the auspices of RMS in NSW, these four bridges are located through the state’s central west and New England areas. This project was...

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The Rees Hotel, Queenstown | MARKHAM Corrosion Protection

Durability and Protection for The Rees Hotel

Arresting premature steel corrosion in concrete

“The Rees Hotel Queenstown is a sophisticated five-star hotel situated right on the shores of Lake Wakatipu, in the South Island of New Zealand.” –...

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East Rockingham Waste to Energy Plant | MARKHAM Mining Projects

Protecting the East Rockingham Waste-to-Energy Plant

A remarkable energy project

The East Rockingham Waste to Energy Plant is a state-of-the-art facility that was designed with durability and protection in mind. The facility was constructed using...

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Revelstoke Ruskin Dam

Pre-History! Before the MARKHAM days.

The Ruskin Dam project remains a significant example of the technology we continue to use today.

This was not a MARKHAM project. In fact, it was carried out immediately before MARKHAM began working with hydrogel treatments for concrete. Information on the...

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Concrete cancer deterioration act early to preserve durability

Tomorrow’s pain points killed today

Culling future maintenance costs

This is not about getting a few more years’ life out of your Ford F100 and saving some bucks at the mechanic. This is about...

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Metro tunnels - preventing concrete carbonation

Metro tunnels – How to prevent Concrete Carbonation

A concrete deterioration mechanism.

If I was stationed in a cold, dark tunnel, with trains regularly hurtling past shaking the surroundings and pounding my heart into my throat, I...

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Concrete Maintenance

Enhancing Durability for Highways and Bridges

Maintaining concrete infrastructure, such as highways and bridges, is not only costly but also requires ongoing maintenance to achieve their estimated service life. However, there...

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Northern Hospital multi-level car park Epping

Concrete curing on Car Parks – a Project Manager’s challenges

Does it seem like any curing method comes with a set of problems?

Construction project managers come across varied issues when it comes to concrete construction on multi-story car parks. Curing the concrete in particular can be pressuring...

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Concrete placement

Waiting for concrete to dry?

Concrete drying time is an issue for toppings, impermeable coatings, and floor coverings

There are many situations where concrete slabs and elements must be completely dry throughout before application of further coatings, toppings, or coverings. Did you know...

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