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What on earth is ‘DEF’?

A hidden threat for concrete precast elements

Don’t you love acronyms? No, us neither. However, they do have some uses, and ‘D.E.F.’ is easier to say (and spell) than Delayed Ettringite Formation....

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Resilience Needed

How can we contribute to a resilient approach to extreme natural events?

Recently (June 2022) some of the team visited Sydney Build Expo. We weren’t exhibiting this time but it was good to catch up with some...

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Disrupting the Maintenance Cycle

Reducing costs for the longer term

There are certain situations where the maintenance of a concrete structure becomes a significant ongoing cost and has to be considered frequently. We often talk...

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Damp Down There?

Concrete basement waterproofing issues?

Big subject. If we discussed all aspects, you’d probably stop reading at about the 30 second mark. WHAT ARE THE CHALLENGES? The usual challenge for...

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Building for Resilience

The ongoing challenge of floodwater

MARKHAM has been involved in #AddingLifeToConcrete for many years now. One focus of our durability and remediation treatments has been marine structures. As we’ve noted...

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Cracking, Sealing, and Healing

How does all concrete have self-healing capabilities?

Let’s start at the start!   What causes Concrete Cracking? Concrete can succumb to cracking in a whole lot of ways. Surprisingly, much of it...

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Concrete Carbonation?

Why Should I Care?

Firstly, What is Carbonation? Let’s hear from some of the experts in the concrete industry: “Carbonation occurs when CO2 (carbon dioxide) from the air penetrates...

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What does airport concrete need?

Concrete transport infrastructure deserves some special attention

Despite the recent disruptions, air transport remains a crucial part of freight and resource logistics, and for public transport. And hey, there’s a lot of...

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‘There’s cracks in that structure!’

Oh no! Does this mean that it is at the end of its service life?

Definitely not! As long as there is uncured calcium (free lime) in the concrete there’s scope for service life to be extended. Your concrete is...

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Data Centre Floor Slab Protection

The need for long-term durability ... and no concrete dust!

In the context of construction, there is sometimes a tension or conflict between the short-term cost or time constraints, and the long-term durability of the...

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