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Curing Concrete is Not Just for Today

Curing for both today and tomorrow

Wolter Reinold de Sitter, part-time Professor in the design of structures in concrete at the Eindhoven University of Technology, proposed a Law of Fives for...

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Concrete Carbonation?

Why Should I Care?

Firstly, What is Carbonation? Let’s hear from some of the experts in the concrete industry: “Carbonation occurs when CO2 (carbon dioxide) from the air penetrates...

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Controlling concrete dust

Controlling Concrete Dust?

...and the hazards of crystalline silica and silicosis.

So what is silicosis? And what is the connection with concrete dust? Markham – adding life to concrete Firstly, silicosis is a severe and incurable...

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Sealing a Ceiling?

Concrete ceilings are often used as a practical architectural feature. But there’s a slight catch.

Concrete ceilings are sometimes selected for ‘industrial’ interior decors, or to give a modern contemporary look, perhaps in conjunction with drop-down lighting. The soffits of...

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Concrete car park floors! Don’t you feel sorry for them?

Think of the demands put on them every day!

Exposed concrete floor slabs in car parks are at threat from… Grinding wear from vehicle traffic Moisture-borne contamination Detrimental grease and chemicals …all of these...

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