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Marine and river concrete structures are at risk from sulphate attack

How to Protect Concrete Against Sulphate Attack?

Concrete deterioration due to sulphur reactivity is more common than you may realize

Let’s start at the beginning! What are sulphates? Firstly, sulphates and sulfates are the same thing, depending on whether you use UK or US spelling,...

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Safe Concrete Treatments for Water Infrastructure

Extremely critical!

Here’s the situation. You’ve got the care of your council’s water storage and supply infrastructure, which includes many elements constructed of concrete. Concrete is extremely...

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Protecting Vital Water Infrastructure?

We’d like to help make the concrete stronger, and last longer.

Infrastructure for water is a big subject – delivering water, removing water, storage, and processing, not to mention effluent. And there’s a lot of concrete...

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What’s The Difference Between Dam Concrete and Residential Concrete?

Here's another VIDEO from Intelligent Concrete!

  Dr. David Harris worked for the US Bureau of Reclamation for almost 40 years. The Bureau owns and operates about 400 dams in the...

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VIDEO: Dam Concrete – How Did They Build The Hoover Dam?

A fascinating study of the concrete technology in the Hoover Dam

  “Hoover Dam is a concrete arch-gravity dam in the Black Canyon of the Colorado River, on the border between the U.S. states of Nevada...

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Preserving Concrete Water Storage Tanks

What’s the use of a water storage tank that doesn’t hold water?

Concrete is innately durable, and waterproof of itself if properly constructed, making it a suitable material for water storage tanks, particularly where large capacity is...

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15 Reasons to Use AQURON 7000

AQURON 7000 for reinforced concrete

What is the AQURON 7000 system, and why should you use it on reinforced concrete? AQURON 7000 system is a 2-step spray-applied penetrating corrosion protection...

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3 projects where AQURON Waterproofing nailed it

AQURON waterproofing admixture... to the rescue!

You’ve heard of AQURON 300? It’s that marvellous admixture version of the AQURON hydrogel treatment for concrete. Waterproofs! Strengthens! Improves concrete handling at the construction...

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Concrete Cancer – The Silent Killer!

What is concrete cancer? ...and how can it be treated?

The term “concrete cancer” is a broad brush phrase, usually loosely used to describe the deterioration of concrete due to corrosion of the reinforcing steel. Symptoms include...

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