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We. Don’t. Do. Crystalline.

Let’s end the confusion.

Dedicated reader – this short article touches on a technical point that differentiates us from the vast majority of our admixture competitors. To the uninitiated,...

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Damp Down There?

Concrete basement waterproofing issues?

Big subject. If we discussed all aspects, you’d probably stop reading at about the 30 second mark. WHAT ARE THE CHALLENGES? The usual challenge for...

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Cracking, Sealing, and Healing

How does all concrete have self-healing capabilities?

Let’s start at the start!   What causes Concrete Cracking? Concrete can succumb to cracking in a whole lot of ways. Surprisingly, much of it...

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What does airport concrete need?

Concrete transport infrastructure deserves some special attention

Despite the recent disruptions, air transport remains a crucial part of freight and resource logistics, and for public transport. And hey, there’s a lot of...

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Sustainable Concrete Waterproofing

Why? What? How?

Why are we waterproofing structures in the first place? It seems obvious: whatever the structure is sheltering, we want to keep that dry. At least...

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Complete Waterproofing…

...without a membrane?

Construction waterproofing is a vexed subject, and has been making far too many headlines in Australasia recently. Particular challenges are faced by basement structures, such...

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Protecting the Concrete in Car Parks?

Multi-level concrete car parks deserve some special attention

Multi-level car parks are not very exciting structures, but of course, they’re practical. Due to the inherently low visual appeal, it sometimes seems the façade...

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Concrete Rail Infrastructure Needs Protection!

Protection against environmental and operational challenges

Rail transport remains a crucial part of freight and resource logistics, and for public transport. And rail infrastructure includes an impressive amount of concrete. Markham...

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Something we don’t do

Waterproofing concrete block structures? Sorry, no.

We’ll keep this one really brief because it pains us to tell you about a service we don’t offer.   MARKHAM does not waterproof concrete...

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An example of a wet wall basement

Death of the Wet Wall Basement?

So what's the problem here?

What is a wet wall basement? As you’re probably aware, “wet wall” basements are designed on the basis that water is a managed part of...

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