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Revelstoke Ruskin Dam

Pre-History! Before the MARKHAM days.

The Ruskin Dam project remains a significant example of the technology we continue to use today.

This was not a MARKHAM project. In fact, it was carried out immediately before MARKHAM began working with hydrogel treatments for concrete. Information on the...

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University of Canterbury Maths & Science Basement - AQURON stopped Hydrostatic Ingress

Canterbury University Basement

How MARKHAM overcame the failure of a basement tanking system.

The Challenge At Christchurch University in 1998, the tanking system in the basement of the eight-storey Maths & Science Building had failed. Groundwater levels were...

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Waterproofing marine civil concrete infrastructure existing wharf pier rust corrosion staining

Waterproofing Civil Concrete Infrastructure?

Let's talk.

Of course, concrete will withstand water exposure. After all, concrete’s innate durability is one of the reasons the material is used so extensively in construction....

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Moisture control is necessary within concrete

Challenges: Waterproofing membrane failure.

Why is moisture so important to control?

Here are a few commonly known facts about concrete and moisture. Water is an essential ingredient of concrete. Hydration and evaporation control is fundamental to...

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Auckland Zoo - MARKHAM waterproofed the concrete SEAP aquarium tank

Waterproofing at Auckland Zoo – Client Testimonial

Amazing wrap-around aquarium exhibit - not to mention the crocodiles!

Great to work on the new South East Asia Precinct at Auckland Zoo – waterproofing the amazing wrap-around aquarium. This exhibit houses not only its...

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Waterview Tunnel - Auckland Tunnels waterproofing

Tunnels, Waterproofing, and Closing the Gaps

Concrete isn't the only part of the project that needs waterproofing

It’s an interesting thing – it’s comparatively simple to waterproof concrete itself. What’s not so straightforward is waterproofing air. The air between Specifically, let’s talk...

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We. Don’t. Do. Crystalline.

Let’s end the confusion.

Dedicated reader – this short article touches on a technical point that differentiates us from the vast majority of our admixture competitors. To the uninitiated,...

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Damp Down There?

Concrete basement waterproofing issues?

Big subject. If we discussed all aspects, you’d probably stop reading at about the 30 second mark. WHAT ARE THE CHALLENGES? The usual challenge for...

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Cracking, Sealing, and Healing

How does all concrete have self-healing capabilities?

Let’s start at the start!   What causes Concrete Cracking? Concrete can succumb to cracking in a whole lot of ways. Surprisingly, much of it...

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What does airport concrete need?

Concrete transport infrastructure deserves some special attention

Despite the recent disruptions, air transport remains a crucial part of freight and resource logistics, and for public transport. And hey, there’s a lot of...

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