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East Rockingham Waste to Energy Plant | MARKHAM Mining Projects

Protecting the East Rockingham Waste-to-Energy Plant

A remarkable energy project

The East Rockingham Waste to Energy Plant is a state-of-the-art facility that was designed with durability and protection in mind. The facility was constructed using...

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Concrete Maintenance

Enhancing Durability for Highways and Bridges

Maintaining concrete infrastructure, such as highways and bridges, is not only costly but also requires ongoing maintenance to achieve their estimated service life. However, there...

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Concrete placement

Waiting for concrete to dry?

Concrete drying time is an issue for toppings, impermeable coatings, and floor coverings

There are many situations where concrete slabs and elements must be completely dry throughout before application of further coatings, toppings, or coverings. Did you know...

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Central Norseman gold mine

Hypersaline Water

and its effect on concrete

“Saline”, of course, means salty; and is often used to refer to a solution of salt in water. “Hypersaline” is a technical term referring to...

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Mining concrete infrastructure mine site

Bust the Short Maintenance Spirals

Take a big picture approach

There are certain situations where the maintenance of a concrete structure becomes a significant ongoing cost and has to be considered frequently. We often talk...

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