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Tolaga Wharf 11

An old wharf. A challenging environment.

And quite a few practical challenges.

The Structure Tolaga Bay Wharf is a protected historical structure. The wharf was built in the early 1920’s using unwashed aggregates off Napier Beach and...

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The Rees Hotel, Queenstown | MARKHAM Corrosion Protection

Durability and Protection for The Rees Hotel

Arresting premature steel corrosion in concrete

“The Rees Hotel Queenstown is a sophisticated five-star hotel situated right on the shores of Lake Wakatipu, in the South Island of New Zealand.” –...

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MARKHAM New Zealand Project - Napier Wool Store

Out of the Archives – the Napier Wool Store

Assisting in adaptive re-use of existing structures

How MARKHAM protected exposed concrete floors from heavy contamination! OBJECTIVE An existing wool store in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand, was being restored and upgraded. The...

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Metro tunnels - preventing concrete carbonation

Metro tunnels – How to prevent Concrete Carbonation

A concrete deterioration mechanism.

If I was stationed in a cold, dark tunnel, with trains regularly hurtling past shaking the surroundings and pounding my heart into my throat, I...

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Central Norseman gold mine

Hypersaline Water

and its effect on concrete

“Saline”, of course, means salty; and is often used to refer to a solution of salt in water. “Hypersaline” is a technical term referring to...

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Mining concrete infrastructure mine site

Bust the Short Maintenance Spirals

Take a big picture approach

There are certain situations where the maintenance of a concrete structure becomes a significant ongoing cost and has to be considered frequently. We often talk...

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Waterproofing marine civil concrete infrastructure existing wharf pier rust corrosion staining

Waterproofing Civil Concrete Infrastructure?

Let's talk.

Of course, concrete will withstand water exposure. After all, concrete’s innate durability is one of the reasons the material is used so extensively in construction....

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Marine and river concrete structures are at risk from sulphate attack

Is Your Concrete Safe from Sulphate Attacks?

Concrete deterioration due to sulphur reactivity is more common than you may realize

Both an essential substance and a potential menace, sulphates pose a specific risk to concrete structures around the world, yet many are not aware of...

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Auckland Highway dusk

Highways, Bridges, and Caring for Concrete

Enhance durability and extend service life

It’s Costly to Maintain Concrete Infrastructure If you’re in charge of the care of civil road or bridge infrastructure (or the related repair budget) you’ll...

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Cracking, Sealing, and Healing

How does all concrete have self-healing capabilities?

Let’s start at the start!   What causes Concrete Cracking? Concrete can succumb to cracking in a whole lot of ways. Surprisingly, much of it...

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