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Sunset Views Manor, Tarneit | MARKHAM Moisture Control

Hygiene and Moisture Control at Sunset Views Manor

Permanent protection for healthcare and aged care

For moisture control, and to protect the concrete long-term, MARKHAM supplied and applied our popular penetrating sealer, in the hygiene version, to the concrete slabs...

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Aged care facility construction Hospital empty corridor Modern hospital automatic door entrance to the operating room vinyl floor coverings flooring

Aged care construction

...and the long-term cost of no moisture control!

Hygiene & Anti-Contamination in Concrete Floor Slabs   To talk about contamination and hygiene, we really need to look at contamination in concrete in all...

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Wrap It Into One!

Multiple benefits - one treatment

So here’s the situation. You’re building an aged care complex (or maybe a hospital or laboratory) and there will be concrete floor slabs, with direct-stick...

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Did you know…?

AQURON 2000 Medi+ has many uses!

AQURON 2000 Medi+, designed to protect aged care floor slabs from contamination, has been increasingly popular in the industry. And for good reason! Markham adding...

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Confront Concrete Contamination! | Aged care construction and concrete moisture control

Do it now – Confront contamination!

Keep bacterial concrete contamination at bay from day one

Healthcare and aged care institutions offer some specific contamination challenges for concrete floor slabs. Bodily fluids pose a significant risk, as they can readily seep...

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Aged Care for Concrete Floors!

Aged care floor slabs need to withstand particular challenges...

“Between 1996 and 2016, … the proportion of people aged 65 years and over increased from 12.0% to 15.3% and the proportion of people aged...

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