Hygiene and Moisture Control at Sunset Views Manor

Permanent protection for healthcare and aged care

For moisture control, and to protect the concrete long-term, MARKHAM supplied and applied our popular penetrating sealer, in the hygiene version, to the concrete slabs during the construction of Sunset Views Manor Aged Care in Tarneit, a suburb of Melbourne.

This treatment, part of the FLOOR-TECT system, achieves full curing and sealing at the same time as providing a moisture barrier for the flooring adhesives. The system protects flooring that is installed before the concrete has had time to dry fully. It locks up residual moisture within the slab, preventing it from damaging the flooring adhesives above.

During the life of the building, biofluids or food spills may seep beneath the carpet, causing an odour in the concrete that can’t be removed by grinding.

FLOOR-TECT prevents bacterial growth from occurring, preventing the odour deep in the concrete, as moisture has been taken out of the equation during the construction stage.

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