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Concrete hydrogel protection treatment application

Concrete Curing: Investing Today for a Sustainable Future

Curing for both today and tomorrow

When it comes to the durability of concrete structures, a little investment during the design, construction, and curing phase can result in significant savings in...

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Northern Hospital multi-level car park Epping

Concrete curing on Car Parks – the Project Manager’s challenges

Does it seem like any curing method comes with a set of problems?

Construction project managers come across varied issues when it comes to concrete construction on multi-story car parks. Curing the concrete in particular can be pressuring...

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Concrete placement

Waiting for concrete to dry?

Concrete drying time is an issue for toppings, impermeable coatings, and floor coverings

There are many situations where concrete slabs and elements must be completely dry throughout before application of further coatings, toppings, or coverings. Did you know...

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Low Cover, High Risk

What is it, why does it, and how to fix?

“Concrete cover, in reinforced concrete, is the least distance between the surface of embedded reinforcement and the outer surface of the concrete.” You can check...

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Warehouse treated with AQURON hydrogels

Curing Concrete: starting a long-term investment on the right foot

Curing for both today and tomorrow

Wolter Reinold de Sitter, a part-time Professor in the design of structures in concrete at the Eindhoven University of Technology, proposed a Law of Fives...

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Moisture control is necessary within concrete

Challenges: Waterproofing membrane failure.

Why is moisture so important to control?

Here are a few commonly known facts about concrete and moisture. Water is an essential ingredient of concrete. Hydration and evaporation control is fundamental to...

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Concrete structure - photo by Umberto on Unsplash

4 Must-Know Concrete Insights for Architects

And how does concrete protection help the planet?

How do you incorporate concrete in your projects? Maybe concrete is really, really your thing. Brutalism, anyone? Perhaps you follow the maxim, if you can’t...

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Marine and river concrete structures are at risk from sulphate attack

Is Your Concrete Safe from Sulphate Attacks?

Concrete deterioration due to sulphur reactivity is more common than you may realize

Both an essential substance and a potential menace, sulphates pose a specific risk to concrete structures around the world, yet many are not aware of...

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Auckland Zoo - MARKHAM waterproofed the concrete SEAP aquarium tank

Waterproofing at Auckland Zoo – Client Testimonial

Amazing wrap-around aquarium exhibit - not to mention the crocodiles!

Great to work on the new South East Asia Precinct at Auckland Zoo – waterproofing the amazing wrap-around aquarium. This exhibit houses not only its...

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Truly, madly, deeply hard floor slabs?

The special needs of warehouse concrete floors

Ever been involved in building a warehouse? You can probably skip over some of this preliminary stuff, you know it already. Warehouse floors are under...

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