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Villa car park, Christchurch | MARKHAM INFRA-TECT Protection

A multi-storey car park for Christchurch

... after the earthquakes

Villa Car Park, constructed in 2015-16 on the corner of Litchfield and Madras Sts in Christchurch NZ, was one of the first multi-storey car parks...

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Sunset Views Manor, Tarneit | MARKHAM Moisture Control

Hygiene and Moisture Control at Sunset Views Manor

Permanent protection for healthcare and aged care

For moisture control, and to protect the concrete long-term, MARKHAM supplied and applied our popular penetrating sealer, in the hygiene version, to the concrete slabs...

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IBEX Tauranga warehouse - CRETEPOLISH application 4

Underfoot at IBEX Lighting Tauranga

Specific treatments for varied commercial requirements

The MARKHAM team cured and sealed this warehouse with SLAB-TECT, for increased durability and permanent anti-dusting. We applied the CRETEPOLISH option to the warehouse slabs...

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Concrete storage units floor slabs and trafficable hardstand protected by INFRA-TECT at Swift Storage Bundaberg

Protection for Exposed Concrete at Swift Storage

Protecting concrete under traffic and load

The exposed hardstand and unit slabs of Swift Storage in Bundaberg are protected by the INFRA-TECT® concrete protection system. This offers long-term durability from the...

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East Rockingham Waste to Energy Plant | MARKHAM Mining Projects

Protecting the East Rockingham Waste-to-Energy Plant

A remarkable energy project

The East Rockingham Waste to Energy Plant is a state-of-the-art facility that was designed with durability and protection in mind. The facility was constructed using...

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Silk Logistics warehouse in the Roe Logistics Park WA

Sustainable Solutions for Roe Logistics Park

Protect exposed concrete floors from day one

The Roe Logistics Park in Western Australia is a massive industrial complex that boasts a total area of 400,000 m2 floor space. This impressive facility...

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University of Canterbury Maths & Science Basement - AQURON stopped Hydrostatic Ingress

Canterbury University Basement

How MARKHAM overcame the failure of a basement tanking system.

The Challenge At Christchurch University in 1998, the tanking system in the basement of the eight-storey Maths & Science Building had failed. Groundwater levels were...

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Concrete cancer deterioration act early to preserve durability

Tomorrow’s pain points killed today

Culling future maintenance costs

This is not about getting a few more years’ life out of your Ford F100 and saving some bucks at the mechanic. This is about...

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Metro tunnels - preventing concrete carbonation

Metro tunnels – How to prevent Concrete Carbonation

A concrete deterioration mechanism.

If I was stationed in a cold, dark tunnel, with trains regularly hurtling past shaking the surroundings and pounding my heart into my throat, I...

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Hazardous material

For safety’s sake …

... stop using chlorinated rubber.

Safety? Did you know that workplace health and safety has an impact on your concrete sealing choices? Or should we say, your choices might have...

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