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IBEX Tauranga warehouse - AQURON application 1

A Point of Difference

This article isn’t so much about us as it might seem. It’s about you, our valued customers.

We want to share our Point of Difference with you, and what’s in it for you. C Concrete focused O On-point technical support N Niche...

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Concrete storage units floor slabs and trafficable hardstand protected by INFRA-TECT at Swift Storage Bundaberg

Protection for Exposed Concrete at Swift Storage

Protecting concrete under traffic and load

The exposed hardstand and unit slabs of Swift Storage in Bundaberg are protected by the INFRA-TECT® concrete protection system. This offers long-term durability from the...

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MARKHAM New Zealand Project - Napier Wool Store

Out of the Archives – the Napier Wool Store

Assisting in adaptive re-use of existing structures

How MARKHAM protected exposed concrete floors from heavy contamination! OBJECTIVE An existing wool store in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand, was being restored and upgraded. The...

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Concrete cancer deterioration act early to preserve durability

Tomorrow’s pain points killed today

Culling future maintenance costs

This is not about getting a few more years’ life out of your Ford F100 and saving some bucks at the mechanic. This is about...

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Aged care facility construction Hospital empty corridor Modern hospital automatic door entrance to the operating room vinyl floor coverings flooring

Aged care construction

...and the long-term cost of no moisture control!

Hygiene & Anti-Contamination in Concrete Floor Slabs   To talk about contamination and hygiene, we really need to look at contamination in concrete in all...

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Waterproofing marine civil concrete infrastructure existing wharf pier rust corrosion staining

Waterproofing Civil Concrete Infrastructure?

Let's talk.

Of course, concrete will withstand water exposure. After all, concrete’s innate durability is one of the reasons the material is used so extensively in construction....

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Warehouse treated with AQURON hydrogels

Curing Concrete: starting a long-term investment on the right foot

Curing for both today and tomorrow

Wolter Reinold de Sitter, a part-time Professor in the design of structures in concrete at the Eindhoven University of Technology, proposed a Law of Fives...

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Moisture control is necessary within concrete

Challenges: Waterproofing membrane failure.

Why is moisture so important to control?

Here are a few commonly known facts about concrete and moisture. Water is an essential ingredient of concrete. Hydration and evaporation control is fundamental to...

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Marine and river concrete structures are at risk from sulphate attack

Is Your Concrete Safe from Sulphate Attacks?

Concrete deterioration due to sulphur reactivity is more common than you may realize

Both an essential substance and a potential menace, sulphates pose a specific risk to concrete structures around the world, yet many are not aware of...

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Truly, madly, deeply hard floor slabs?

The special needs of warehouse concrete floors

Ever been involved in building a warehouse? You can probably skip over some of this preliminary stuff, you know it already. Warehouse floors are under...

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