A Point of Difference

This article isn’t so much about us as it might seem. It’s about you, our valued customers.

We want to share our Point of Difference with you, and what’s in it for you.

CConcrete focused
OOn-point technical support
NNiche technology
QQuality products
OOngoing innovation
RReliable solutions

Yes, taken as one big happy package – that’s 6 points, but 1 Point of Difference!
Let’s break it down and see what you get out of it.

Concrete focused

This is an important basis to all the others. Our focus is on concrete, new and old. It’s also where our experience is. We are not distracted by steel repairs, or heavy coatings, or other areas of construction and infrastructure. You can have confidence that we have the experience to know what works where, and what doesn’t; and to tell you. And that leads to…

On-point technical support

Firstly, as mentioned, we’ll be free to tell you what works where and what doesn’t. We won’t try to sell you something that won’t give the results you’re looking for. In fact, if we can’t help you, we’ll say so, honestly and openly.

Secondly, we offer human-to-human support. Yes, we do have online resources – our document library, information articles, FAQs in the video channel and so on – but ultimately, if you need to speak to a human being, we’re here for you.

Thirdly, on-point also means accuracy, which we give you from our collected experience.

Niche technology

MARKHAM specializes in a specific concrete technology: nanoparticle colloidal-silica induced hydrogels in concrete. This lies at the core of our original brand offering, AQURON, and our own CONQOR range.

It’s not the only thing we offer, but it is the active technology in the majority of our products.
Colloidal silica hydrogel technology is safe, effective, never needs re-application, and gives you long-term peace of mind.

Quality products

Furthermore, MARKHAM uses the highest available quality products, including the refined quality of the colloidal silicas we use. You can tell the highly refined nature of these by their lack of cloudiness.

The higher the quality, the more effectively they work within the concrete.

Quality is an important part of our customer approach, and applies to all our products. Again, this gives you absolute peace of mind.

Ongoing innovation

We have been constantly trialling and testing our products over our 25+ years’ history, and have a specialized laboratory for this purpose at our Napier headquarters. We also frequently engage third party laboratories and certifiers, both for verifications and for tests which are beyond our capabilities.

As well as ensuring our existing products are beyond reproach, we are constantly looking for ways to adapt and develop new products.

For you, this means you are using up-to-date technology in your specific project.

Reliable solutions

Of course you, our customers, need reliable solutions. You need to be sure that what you are using is fit for purpose, will have the expected results, and will be consistent from project to project.

You also need to be able to depend on reliable delivery times, deadlines being upheld, and teams being on site when expected.

Reliability is a non-negotiable in the challenging world of today’s construction industry. And it’s the final key in our Point of Difference, that holds the other elements together.

One Point of Difference

We believe that MARKHAM uniquely offers these six elements together in one amazing package, for the benefit of our customers and all project stakeholders. This is what sets us apart from the crowd – we care about your project outcomes. When you win, we win.

We’d count it a privilege if you reach out to us about the needs of your next concrete project.

Like to learn more about how MARKHAM works behind the scenes? Check out The MARKHAM Experience.

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