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IBEX Tauranga warehouse - AQURON application 1

A Point of Difference

This article isn’t so much about us as it might seem. It’s about you, our valued customers.

We want to share our Point of Difference with you, and what’s in it for you. C Concrete focused O On-point technical support N Niche...

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Auckland Zoo - MARKHAM waterproofed the concrete SEAP aquarium tank

Waterproofing at Auckland Zoo – Client Testimonial

Amazing wrap-around aquarium exhibit - not to mention the crocodiles!

Great to work on the new South East Asia Precinct at Auckland Zoo – waterproofing the amazing wrap-around aquarium. This exhibit houses not only its...

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Truly, madly, deeply hard floor slabs?

The special needs of warehouse concrete floors

Ever been involved in building a warehouse? You can probably skip over some of this preliminary stuff, you know it already. Warehouse floors are under...

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We can help you with your environmental duty requirements

Helping You Fulfil Your Environmental Duty Requirements

Sustainability is a big picture

So we recently noticed updates to legislation in Queensland, specifically guidelines around the Environmental Protection Act 1994. A new Environmental Code of Practice for the...

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MARKHAM – The Untold Story!

MARKHAM is celebrating!

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.”  Hang on, that doesn’t sound right. A bit moribund. “It was a bright...

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How will you earn your pair of MARKHAM Swanky Socks?

Let us help you pull your socks up and get the products you specified!

  Everyone loves a pair of cool and quality socks. If you are specifying, building or repairing concrete structures find out why these cool Swanky Socks...

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