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Curing Concrete is Not Just for Today

Curing for both today and tomorrow

Wolter Reinold de Sitter, part-time Professor in the design of structures in concrete at the Eindhoven University of Technology, proposed a Law of Fives for...

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The Limitations of Australian Standard 3799

Why are common methods of concrete curing not compliant with the Standard?

Australian Standard 3799 is titled “Liquid membrane-forming curing compounds for concrete”. It describes itself thus: “This Standard is a means by which curing compounds can...

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How does AQURON actually work?

The burning question!

We’ll have to start by explaining what we’re doing… Why does concrete need internal protection? Concrete is bound together by bonds of molecules (all different...

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Data Centre Floor Slab Protection

The need for long-term durability ... and no concrete dust!

In the context of construction, there is sometimes a tension or conflict between the short-term cost or time constraints, and the long-term durability of the...

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Wrap It Into One!

Multiple benefits - one treatment

So here’s the situation. You’re building an aged care complex (or maybe a hospital or laboratory) and there will be concrete floor slabs, with direct-stick...

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Challenging the Status Quo

Is doing the same old thing, costing you time and money?

You know what the “status quo” is. It’s that same old, same old thing you’ve always done, so you keep doing it. In the concrete...

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Thermal Curing Protection – in the heat!

Curing concrete in extreme temperatures?

Working in extreme heat? Temperature differentials between the concrete and the ambient environment can have very negative impacts on concrete strength and quality. Building in...

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Production Schedules Getting Tighter?

Time saving for civil infrastructure construction

You’ve noticed? Production schedules aren’t slacking off. Seems like we’re all running faster than ever to make up time. Markham saving the world one concrete...

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Construction Schedules?

Making up for lost time!

You’ve noticed? Construction schedules aren’t slacking off. And the way the ’20s are rolling, we’re all running faster than ever to make up time. Markham...

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Curing Precast Concrete?

What could possibly go wrong?

No doubt you know that high-quality curing actually helps concrete last longer. You’re probably very conscious of high-pressure timeframes and stringent budgets. … In many...

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