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What Can We Do for the Concrete in Hospitals?

We need to think about the concrete's health!

A hospital building is very much a working structure. Just think about the staff under constant working stress, the patients who don’t really want to...

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Conquering Water Seepage in Concrete

Concrete structures below ground are vulnerable form water seepage

When concrete is used to line an aperture in the ground, there will be the risk of moisture penetration and water seepage – depending on...

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Stop Water with CONQOR Waterstop!

Our waterstop gasket with a difference!

Does it ever strike you how many insignificant but crucial parts are involved in construction? So many construction items go unseen, unsung and unthought of...

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5 Reasons Why… should choose concrete hydrogels for construction

So you’ve heard about concrete hydrogel treatments? Maybe you’re interested in what they can do for concrete permeability or remediation. But you haven’t seen any...

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Is moisture disrupting your waterproofing membrane?

Why is moisture so important to control?

Here are a few commonly known facts about concrete and moisture. Water is an essential ingredient of concrete. Hydration and evaporation control is fundamental to...

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Complete Basement Waterproofing

Getting down to a dry result

In recent years, Australasia has seen a dramatic rise in the construction of multi-storey commercial buildings, particularly mixed-use and residential tower developments. One factor common...

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Waterproofing Concrete… in Basements

Waterproofing challenges for concrete structures below grade.

A basement may contain habitable space, although more commonly the basement area of a multi-storey structure is set aside for parking and utility rooms. This...

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Can concrete be the membrane in basement construction?

You're thinking NO WAY!

And you would have good reason to – concrete as a natural untreated material is porous and allows moisture migration, especially when subjected to groundwater...

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Who said concrete floors don’t need protecting?

You know concrete gets a hard time, right?

Concrete is a remarkably durable material, true. There are concrete structures still standing after hundreds of years! But concrete is not absolutely invulnerable or indestructible....

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