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Our waterstop gasket with a difference!

Does it ever strike you how many insignificant but crucial parts are involved in construction? So many construction items go unseen, unsung and unthought of once construction is complete – but if they weren’t there you’d soon miss them!

We’d like to shine a spotlight on one of these unsung heroes, CONQOR 47B WATERSTOP! Come forward and take a bow!
Markham – adding life to concrete
A little background for those who may not be involved in the design and placement of concrete: it’s not possible to make a large ‘one-piece’ waterproof concrete box for, say, a basement. For starters, you have to allow joints for movement from thermal expansion. Then you have penetrations, where plumbing and electrical services enter. From the point of view of waterproofing, these are potential entry points for seepage and flow. Non-critical joints of this type are ideally sealed with some form of WATERSTOP.
Markham – adding life to concrete


OK, we get it, there are a lot of jointing waterstops out there. Some are specialised and a lot of them are very ordinary gap fillers.
A typical swellable waterstop swells immediately on contact with moisture. It reacts with moisture in the concrete, or from a shower of rain. Critically, it may expand before the joint has been completed, rendering the waterstop ineffective, and requiring replacement … frustrating work.
Markham – adding life to concrete
CONQOR 47B is a CONTROLLED HYDROPHILIC SWELLABLE WATERSTOP. This means it expands in a controlled delayed process when exposed to moisture. It requires 5-10 days constant concrete contact to expand, meaning it withstands rainfall, and other construction moisture. This allows time for proper completion of the construction and jointing process. It also allows newly poured shotcrete, infills and insitu concrete to gain full sufficient strength before CONQOR 47B expands.
Markham – adding life to concrete
Other benefits of CONQOR 47B include:

  • Excellent adhesion – can be bedded into wet concrete.
  • Suitable for saltwater projects.
  • Suitable for use in horizontal and vertical joints.
  • Unaffected by repeated wet and dry cycles.
  • Non-toxic.
  • We made 47B in a bright blue colour to make it easier for you to see when it has been installed on-site.

In short, CONQOR 47B saves you rework time on-site, and avoids pop outs of concrete while it’s at low strength. Takes the frustrations away and means you can BE SURE of an watertight result.

SWITCH TO CONQOR 47B for joints and penetrations!

NOTE: In wet weather situations, CONQOR 87B may be better suited. The only difference is the rate of expansion. Oh, and the colour – it’s magenta!

Markham – adding life to concrete

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