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What on earth is ‘DEF’?

A hidden threat for concrete precast elements

Don’t you love acronyms? No, us neither. However, they do have some uses, and ‘D.E.F.’ is easier to say (and spell) than Delayed Ettringite Formation....

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What does airport concrete need?

Concrete transport infrastructure deserves some special attention

Despite the recent disruptions, air transport remains a crucial part of freight and resource logistics, and for public transport. And hey, there’s a lot of...

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Problem Concrete

What goes wrong? and can we fix it?

It’s a dreaded ‘n’ word on any construction site or precast yard … non-conformance! We can’t touch on all the negative possibilities! Human error plays...

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Concrete Rail Infrastructure Needs Protection!

Protection against environmental and operational challenges

Rail transport remains a crucial part of freight and resource logistics, and for public transport. And rail infrastructure includes an impressive amount of concrete. Markham...

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Production Schedules Getting Tighter?

Time saving for civil infrastructure construction

You’ve noticed? Production schedules aren’t slacking off. Seems like we’re all running faster than ever to make up time. Markham saving the world one concrete...

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Precast Early Cracking

Why does this keep happening?

Early cracking in concrete can be defined as developing with in the first 7 days after casting or placement. It’s a common problem, so much...

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5 Reasons to Use…

...concrete hydrogel treatments for civil infrastructure maintenance

If you’re involved in concrete infrastructure maintenance … If you’re under pressure to meet budget constraints and make repairs cost-effective … Read on! HERE ARE...

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Let’s Go Natural

The raw beauty of concrete

Every construction designer must know the old adage ‘If you can’t hide it, make a feature of it.’ This is classicly illustrated in the use...

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Curing for Today and Tomorrow

Thinking about concrete structure ...

Wolter Reinold de Sitter, part-time Professor in the design of structures in concrete at the Eindhoven University of Technology, proposed a Law of Fives for...

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Long Live Concrete!

Concrete durability is THE hot topic in civil infrastructure

There’s no need for us to tell you about the issues surrounding civil infrastructure. Funding for initial construction and ongoing maintenance are ongoing challenges, often...

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